Why and how to become a Home Performance Index Assessor

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Residential development will be the key growth area in the construction industry with 500,000 houses to be built over the next 22 years. There will be considerable government investment, with quality and sustainability as one of the key requirements.

Several large PPP residential projects will be tendered over the coming year and developers who are looking to get an edge on their competitors should consider the Home Performance Index as the clearest way of meeting quality requirements.

Becoming a Certified Home Performance Index Assessor will allow you to advise clients and submit assessments for HPI, Ireland’s first national quality and sustainability assessment system for new housing.

The IGBC are currently building a pool of highly skilled HPI professionals by delivering the Home Performance Index Assessor Training.

Home Performance Index Training Programme

The training programme comprises three aspects:

  1. Review materials provided in advance
  2. One day practical training on the use of Home Performance Index and associated tools.
  3. Completion of practical assessment based on a set of evidence provided.

1 Review materials provided in advance

Training materials, manuals and tools are provided one week in advance for the student to review.

2  Inhouse training

The One-day practical training comprises three sessions:

Session 1. Understanding HPI Environmental Assessment (PPT)

  • Intro to EAMS
  • Why HPI methodology
  • How was the system developed
  • When can it be applied
  • Monitoring and quality assurance
  • Summary of HPI
  • Mandatory and Optional
  • Categories, indicators and Points
  • Award levels

Session 2. Organising and Delivering HPI Assessments (PPT)

  • Information required
  • Indicators
  • Calculators
  • Assessment results
  • Organising assessment for certification

 Session 3. Assessment Method Introduction

  • Intro to assessment and data spreadsheets
  • Method conventions and assumptions
  • Exemplar dwelling data

3 Homework assignment 

Trainees are provided with an assignment to assess a home based on evidence provided for the different indicators. They need to submit the assessment spreadsheet and report within 4 weeks. On successful completion, they will be awarded accreditation.

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