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Sustainability implemented locally, creates positive change, assists in the delivery of Ireland’s climate goals and a sustainable future for us all. A key aspect of raising awareness regarding the quality and sustainability of homes is achieving certification and recognition with the national label Home Performance Index, from the Irish Green Building Council

Ivan McCarthy Project Director, Sisk Living

Why should you certify your development with Home Performance Index?

  • Communicate the quality and sustainability of homes through a national label
  • Demonstrate the quality of the development to planning authorities, potentially saving time and cost.
  • Provide a 3rd party verified sustainability label to investment funds and housing associations.
  • Enable your design and construction teams to work more effectively together setting and achieving quality and sustainability targets.
  • Future proof and add value to your development and investment portfolio.
  • Demonstrate leadership as a residential developer.


Home Performance Index provides a high level of transparency with respect to ESG criteria driving lower investment risk. It is aligning with the EU Taxonomy considered important for investors and tailored to the Irish residential sector, with worldwide recognition by the WELL building institute and a 5-star rating from the European Commission for good practice and transferability.

Ciaran O’Leary, Catalyst Group

How is Certification achieved?

The Home Performance Index certification is based on verifiable indicators that are divided into five technical categories – Environment, Economic, Health and Wellbeing, Quality Assurance and Sustainable Location. It allows several levels of achievement based on good, better and best practice. The award of the certificate is based on the overall attainment across all categories.

The design team is encouraged to work from a very start to achieve targets. They provide the evidence requested for each of the indicators. This is then audited for compliance and if successful, certification can be awarded for the level achieved.

I want to know more about the technical requirements of certification?

You can access the full technical manual here. Short on time? Review the red tabs only in the manual.

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