Passive house at Wayside, Douglas Road, Cork

Quick Facts

  • Contractor –
  • Architects – Wain Morehead
  • Year of completion – 2016
  • Type of development – Single dwelling



Passive House, Douglas Rd. Cork


Wain Moorehead Architects



Number of Units:



Key facts on the performance of the homes.


  • The home has been designed to have extremely low heating bills, meeting the Passive House standard.
  • Location should mean lower transportation costs.
  • The home is comprehensively designed for possible mobility impairment.
  • The home is provided with smart monitoring to allow easy control of energy.
  • The home is provided with energy efficient A rated white goods.


  • The homes have a ventilation system to ensure good indoor air quality at all times.
  • A monitoring system informs the occupiers of excessive levels of CO2
  • The homes have been designed for excellent natural daylighting throughout.
  • The home has been designed to avoid overheating in Summer.
  • Very high performance windows ensure comfort in winter for occupants sitting in proximity.

Our Planet

  • The development is designed to not contribute to flooding in the wider area.
  • The home is designed to reduce water consumption by up to 80% compared with typical Irish dwellings
  • The development has improved the ecological value of the site by increasing the number of plant species.
  • Home has a BER rating of A1 meeting the highest level of energy efficiency for Irish dwellings of less than 25kWh/sqm/anum and meets the Near Zero Energy Building Standard.
  • The ecological footprint embodied in the materials used for the construction of the home was assessed.